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Underfloor heating

underfloor heating Underfloor heating is difficult to retro fit as it takes up a lot of depth, however in an extension such as a conservatory it could be ideal, where there isn't enough space to hang a radiator. Water that is heated from the boiler is pumped through a network of underfloor tubes that cover the entire floor space.Modern underfloor heating operates at lower temperatures than radiators and is therefore cheaper to run. The heat radiates upwards from the floor and is distributed evenly. It is considered by many to be the most pleasant type of heat distribution as there are no hot or cold spots.

MK Heating are certified installers for Uponor, the market leader in underfloor heating systems. These systems utilise a 5 layer composite pipe that is 100% oxygen proof, unlike inferior plastic pipe which lets oxygen through and causes corrosion. Paired with an air source heat pump this is a very efficient way to heat your home.