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Fernox Powerflushing

  • Is your heating system showing signs of old age?
  • Does it take ages to heat up?
  • Are some radiators completely or partially cold?
  • Do radiators need frequent bleeding?
  • Strange and unpleasant noises coming from the boiler?
  • Repeated pump failures?

Central heating systems corrode over time, resulting in sludge formation in areas of low flow, and scaling of boilers and heat exchangers. Problems like those listed above are not inevitable, and good care and maintenance of a heating system will prevent and often cure them.

We can chemically treat your system with minimal disruption, often without disconnecting the boiler or any radiators. The powerful flow, combined with an instantaneous flow reverser device, will dislodge and mobilize deposits and corrosion which resist traditional system cleaning methods. Once sludge and deposits are loosened, they are power-flushed out through a dump valve, whilst fresh clean water is forced through the system to replace the contaminated water.