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combi boiler

Combination boilers

The combination boiler is very popular in flats and houses with one bathroom. They are very efficient and provide central heating and hot water on demand without the need for a separate hot water cylinder, freeing up valuable storage space. They are compact and easy to fit alongside kitchen cabinets if space is limited. They are dependant on good mains pressure water entering your property, pressure may drop if more than one outlet is used at the same time, although this can be minimised by fitting a large enough boiler.


  • Space saving, no need for tanks in the loft, or a hot water cylinder.
  • Cheaper to run as there is no hot water store to heat.
  • Unlimited, instant hot water on demand.


  • Cannot run multiple baths or showers at the same time.
  • Unsuitable if your property has low mains water pressure.
  • Lower flow rate than a system boiler.